About the Company

Since 1994 the firm Alltronic (placed in Dysina at Pilsen) has produced inductive components for use in various fields of electronics. The firm was specialised on costumer choking coils with toroid cores and transformers (RM, PQ, EP, ETD), which are used e.g. for switching sources and DC/DC converters. Since 1999 the Alltronic was dedicated to PCB boards mounting and DC/DC converters production in collaboration with partner company Autronic GmbH (Germany).
We also complet touch screen displays.

Number of employees: ……………… 33

Production area: …………………. 800 m2


Production Possibilities

Choking coils are twist by costumer wishes, manual or on pneumatic features, there are used varnished cuprum wires up to diameter 1,4 mm or cuprum litz wires. They are made as open type, with case, varnished and/or mass watered. Transformers can be vacuum impregnated and watered by insulation resin (Epoxy, Polyurethane). PCB boards mounting (in cooperation also SMD parts), soldering on wave line, in stream phase (IBL 400) or manual. Testing, function and electric insulation measuring. Measure recording.


Quality Care

Comprehensive quality requirements are outline and business philosophy for Alltronic. All components fulfil costumer requirements due to 100% final control and permanent high quality products have been succeeded. Tester AT3500 by Voltech makes final recorded control of inductive components, computer-measuring places with software TestPoint make recorded control of DC/DC converters and mounted PCB boards. Mounted circuits and DC/DC converters are tested in warm-up cycles and electrical insulation (up to 5,5 kV) is made as well. Our products are defined by operating long-life time and reliability, which guarantee continuous working at the highest loads. In 2004 Alltronic Ltd obtained certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000.

Openness to New Frontiers

Openness to technical modifications and innovations from quality products increased and costs decreased point of view, guarantee economic solution to costumers and make Alltronic competent and reliable partner.