DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters


We produce DC/DC converters in power range 10-200W with galvanic insulation in collaboration with Partner Company Autronic GmbH. Part of converters are also produced without galvanic insulation. There are made standard catalogue converters and costumer-configured converters as well. Standard DIN and DB certify most of converters for a railway application use.


Converters at Euro-cards are varnished with an anti-vibration fix (Silicon DowCorning), converters in plastic or metal case are watered by a permanent flexible isolate mess (Polyurethane or Silicon). Products are tested on electrical insulation, warm-up cycle and final test is recorded. We measure at computer workplaces NHR S-450.

Basic parameters of converters:


Typical input voltage range – Ui: 4-26, 5-36, 9-40, 15-36, 32-74, 43-101, 66-154 V

Typical output voltage – Uo: 5, 12, 5, 24, +/-12, +/-15 and more voltage combination

Power range: 10 – 200 W

Detailed data sheets you can find at our partner websites www.autronic.de.