Transformers For Switching Supply Sources and DC/DC Converters

Transformers with ferrite cores up to power 200 VA are manufactured, especially types PQ, RM, EP, ETD, EC, EF. There are also special toroid transformers for switching sources and converters use.

Circular conductors CuL with diameter 0,2-1,4 mm or litz wires CuLi up to cross-section 2 mm2 are used for windings.

Transformers should be vacuum impregnated in polyurethane varnish Dobeckan FT 2004. There is possibility to increase the output area voltage stability by electro isolation resin (polyurethane, epoxy).

Tester AT 3500 cy Voltech makes testing all parameters of every transformer (up to high voltage testing 5kVAC).